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We are Inclusive Leaders: an exclusive equity and diversity consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada.  Through a wide range of services and expert facilitators; we provide strategic guidance and training on how to build workplaces and organizations that reflect and celebrate the diversity of  communities you serve. We believe that it takes leadership to create spaces that truly embrace anti-oppressive principles and we want to help you get there. We have worked to support equity and inclusion initiatives for various labour unions, public sector agencies, not-for-profit organizations, universities and school boards.  Our approach is consultative, principled and always rooted in principles of anti-oppression.

Our Lead Consultant

Gilary Massa (She/Her) is a Human Rights and Equity Educator and Strategist with over a decade of successful experience supporting school boards, advocacy organizations, labour unions, government agencies, and private enterprises through organizational change work that centers on human rights, equity, and inclusion. With roots in both the labour movement and Student movement, Gilary specializes in human-centred program and policy design and evaluation, regularly conducting EDI Audits and organizational coaching and training on issues impacting marginalized communities.


Gilary is driven by her own experiences as a black, immigrant, Muslim woman, and her practice is rooted, first and foremost in the community.  She has a  deep commitment to

creating institutional and government policies and programming that are informed by the people that are impacted the most. She holds a Master in Leadership and Community Engagements from York University where she completed a major research project entitled: Beyond Diversity Training: Road Map for Human Rights and Equity Organizational Change Work


Gilary is a mother of 3 young children aged 7, 4 and 8 months, and is currently spending the year in her home country of Panama City, Panama.

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Gilary Massa

Our Team of  Consultant

Pascale Diverlus

Pascale Diverlus is an award-winning community organizer, storyteller, communications specialist, digital strategist, and social justice educator. She is a co-founder and former lead organizer for Black Lives Matter -Toronto, the first international iteration of the Black Lives Matter movement. She brings to our team a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting organizational transformation rooted in anti-oppressive frameworks, with a focus on unpacking and unearthing anti-Black racism, misogynoir, cissexism, and other systems of oppression.   


Sara Mohammed

Sara Mohammed holds a BEd in social justice and urban diversity and a Masters of Leadership and Community Engagement; she comes to our team as a policy and community engagement specialist with expertise in strategic planning and policy development in the non-profit and public sectors. Sara has spent over 10 years working with organizations to develop approaches to program development and evaluation that centre the voice of marginalized communities. She currently develops policy and community programming for Canada’s largest social housing provider. Sara is a first-generation Canadian of Indo-Caribbean descent. She lives in Toronto with her husband and her newborn son.


Diana Grimaldos

Diana holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Leadership and Community Engagement where her research explored the intersection of community engagement and equity in education, examining parental involvement and activism. Diana and has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector working directly with social grassroots movements and coalitions supporting their efforts in influencing policy with informed community–based research.  To our team she brings a wealth of experience in research, policy design and development, inclusive design and, facilitation.  Diana is Latinx, lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children and enjoys puzzle marathons.


Corey Scott, CESAR - Executive Director

Gilary was a fantastic presenter and facilitator that walked our organization through principles of equity, anti-oppression and power dynamics in a social justice environment. She was able to clearly articulate issues and frameworks with a limited amount of time and a team with various levels of experience. In a short period of time Gilary was able to connect theory to practice through scenarios and discussion questions.  


I was particularly impressed by Gilary’s capacity and attention to understand a workspace and tailor a training and conversation on the workplace needs. Gilary is our go to presenter when it comes to issues of unionized workplaces, anti-Black racism and misogyny, and building healthy communication systems. Our team was extremely impressed by Gilary’s facilitation and we would strongly recommend Gilary as facilitator for future workshops

Loveleen Kang, Trustee Hub Coordinator

No matter what the request, Gilary Massa always exceeds expectations. She draws from her vast professional, academic, and personal experiences to enrich any conversation that she is part of. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in successfully developing equity-enhancing projects and campaigns is an asset to any organization that she works with. Gilary’s passion for creating a more just world is infectious and creates an atmosphere where those who usually feel excluded - feel comfortable in joining the conversation.

Gilary Massa is Toronto’s best kept secret and exactly what this city needs for a more equitable future


Ixchel Bennet, York University-Seconded Faculty Member & Practicum Facilitator

Gilary Massa has been a guest speaker in my classes with pre-service teachers at York University. The class that I was teaching addresses equity, social justice, and Indigenous issues in education. Gilary's presentation focused on Islamophobia in schools, explicitly addressing teacher's biases, curriculum, current data, etc. She also provided teacher candidates (TCs) with resources to further learn from Muslim leaders and organizations. Her presentation style is very energetic, informational and down to earth! TCs and I learned so much from her and are forever thankful for her engagement in being comfortable in having courageous conversations. Tlazocamati! Thank you Gilary!

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